Craft Jam Pubnights 2013

Friday, 17 June 2011

Oh that Sarah Pepper - she's a flowery one!

The Lovely Sarah Pepper

Well what a pungent and creative night we had at Cr'After Dark this week. We ended up completely captivated by inspirational florist Sarah Pepper with her contemporary take on traditional wild flower and herbal arrangements as well as that razor sharp wit of hers.

Allotments and gardens were plundered as well as interesting vessels sought out. Heaven knows what the punters of the City Gate thought at the sight of all these women carrying arm fulls of foliage/flowers whilst wafting heady aromas in their wake............but we did emerge triumphant two hours later with the most luscious bouquets and other crafty floral delights. There will be many a household hoarding tin cans for that extra special garden party table decoration idea and don't even mention an anticipated run on those little battery operated LED lights to hide amongst the water gel ball thingies! I can say "thingies" because Sarah uses terms like "shoving"! If the sun ever shines again and we manage even one steaming hot evening I know I will be plundering the hedgerows and bringing out the jam jars oooooh and the ribbon and the beads!

I saw lots of Cr'After ladies leaving the pub with huge grins on their faces. So they should too - what wonderful creations and the kind of floral artistry that can be repeated again and again - all it takes is a little forage around the garden or even the hedgerow!

My lovely evening in great company also ended with a big smile on my face as I left complete with the "tussie mussie" I made especially for my lovely husband.

Next month's Cr'After Dark will be bold button jewellery ................ book early!