Craft Jam Pubnights 2013

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lampshade Obsession Hits An All Time High!

Following hot on the trail of lampshades I have been trawling the internet and have found some stunning handmade beauties  for inspiration.

This gorgeous butterfly shade is available to buy through Unique Boutique online.  With its patchwork style and beautiful muted colours,  I think its so perfectly unique.  It sits perfectly in the mould of modern Victoriana with a certain essence of Victorian Entomology (butterfly collecting) scrummy.

Vintage Embroidery Fabric Shades by Kookolki

 These fabulous shades are handmade by Kookolki here in Devon.  Sister-in-Law team

Kirsty and Ksenia decided that making lampshades with old embroidered fabric was a fabulous way to display the gorgeous details of hand embroidered work.  They use Vintage Fabric and Frames found in Flea Markets and find pleasure in breathing new life into them with a modern twist.  These are also available to purchase via Etsy. 

Finally I found this little cutie on Ebay via Wild Strawberry Picking.  using patchwork of gorgeous fabric on Vintage style frames, they have created an eclectic shade with a gorgeous Gypsy bohemian feel.  I love it!!

Okay after something a bit more modern, here is some of the lovelies I've found

A Not on the High Street by Blue Zoo,  I think this can be used for anywhere in the home, not just a kids room. I love the animals and the colours, just gorgeous and will add a bold splash of colour to your otherwise bare white ceiling, doncha think?

A personal favourite,  this really is a bold statement.  Loving the Owl too.  This shade is by Quincy Lampshades a very notable and established company set up by Ruth McAllister and based in the lovely city of Bristol.

Hope you enjoy these stunning examples and do have a trawl of images on google or pinterest,  there are alot of gorgeous shades out there.  Perfect and unique design and much much nicer than buying the usual commercial tat on the market.  Ta ta for now

Pip xx

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Podgy Pigeon - Lampshade Jam 12th & 13th March

I am very excited to introduce Podgy Pigeon the brainchild of Harriet Walsh.  Harriet started her business after moving into her first home in Devon.  Tired of the dull and commercial lampshades on the market, she decided to have a go at making her own lampshades to perk up her ceilings.  She admits to having an obsession with ceilings which she considers a very under utilised space in peoples homes. 

Harriet sells her lampshades via Etsy and has just set up her own website at
She is coming to the City Gate on the 12th and 13th of March to teach a very eager bunch of Craft Jammers to make their own lampshades.  I am so excited about this particular Craft Jam, as lampshades are incredibly expensive and I never seem to like anything I see in the shops.  I consider the correct lighting very important, adding warmth and ambience to the home.  I don't like stark lighting and usually use lamp lighting rather than ceiling lighting. The opportunity to learn how to make my own shade is just too tempting for words!! I already have the perfect place in our house for my shade when its finished.  I posted Lampshade Jam on The Craft Hub Facebook page in late January, for the 13th of March, it booked out within 1 hour!  There was such a crowd on the waiting list that I contacted Harriet who was more than happy to do the night before also.  This too was posted and sold out within half an hour!  Phew.  It's not just me then :)

You can follow Podgy on Facebook and Twitter or buy her gorgeous shades via EtsyRoll on the 12th and 13th of March!!

Gorgeous Japanese  Echino Fabric Lampshade by Podgy Pigeon

Monday, 25 February 2013

Kiss and Bake Up - Deliciously Edible Works of Art

Alice in Wonderland themed Pocket Watch and Cameo  Cake Pops by KABU

I am really keen to feature this dynamic crafter, who over the course of a couple of years has been a highlight at our Craft Fairs. This is what The Craft Hub wrote about her work, which is perfect for weddings. Sarah has a quirky sense of style and will create perfect romantic cakes or 'geek' cakes for weddings complete with Dr Who, Star Wars and Harry Potter paraphenalia. x

"Kiss and Bake Up is a bakery with a difference. The brainchild of Sarah, a local 'rock chic' baker of cupcakes, cake pops, whoopie pies and more. Sarah is a cake artist rather than a basic cake maker. Her originality and flair know no bounds. " - The Craft Hub

Kiss & Bake Up is run by Sarah, known as 'The Blue Haired Baker' and assisted by her husband Darren in Exeter, Devon.
KABU was launched early 2010 and has since grown into the bakery it is known for today. Full of original ideas and concepts, top notch decorating and baking with flair, and a firm grasp on todays tastes in culture and style.
Favouring the beautiful but quirky flow of geek, burlesque, vintage, steampunk, caberet, victoriana, pin up, carnival and circus, Sarah "The Blue Haired Baker" Downham designs detailed and imaginative edible works of art for your bookings.
Sarah works full time in the bakery, and has modified her house to support the ever growing and evolving demand of KABU.

Sarah is just about to have her first baby, wishing her all the best for the birth, we look forward to seeing her work again when she has had precious time with her new baby.
Beach Huts and Lighthouse Cake Pops, delicious!

Hula (Hawaiin inspired cupcakes) by KABU

Christmas Bauble Cake Pops

Sarah with her lovely cakes at Twinkling Firs 2011

Steampunk Cakes by KABU