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Monday, 21 June 2010

The Craft Hub Summer Fair, Exeter Castle 19th June 2010. Performances/Entertainment

The fair was absolutely fabulous, a roaring success and has left Ellen and I absolutely drained with the amount of effort and work we have put into the fair. It was a fantastic day, made all the more special by the people who volunteered their time to help out, in particular Penny Scott who manned the door, taking the entry fee on the day and also Ana Ellis who served teas, coffees and beverages. The Entertainment was brilliant. Mike and Jill from South West Lindy Hoppers leading those willing through the Charleston Stroll and performing a bit of lindy hop. Vibe Dance Troupe did street dancing and performed the entire 'Thriller' routine, really great. Challenge Theatre performed a wonderful comic performance. Jig Disco the brainchild of an enterprising 13 year old duo did the entire PA system, providing music and life to the performances. I was particularly impressed with their ability to handle the pressure of constant changes and needs from the performers. We had live music by jaime, john and chris performing jazz fusion and funky beats, awesome performance, really created a chilled out atmosphere. Another teenage band called , did guitar and song performances. What an amazing day everyone and thanks to you all for being there and providing such a lively, inspiring atmosphere. Here are some of their best bits. If you are interested in booking any of the performers featured on the day you can find most of their details on our links.

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