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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bathing in the afterglow?!

I know that once I had overcome that overwhelming exhaustion leading up to and during The Craft Hub launch event, my little brain started whirring. God help me - I felt compelled to get my knitting needles out again. Suddenly with all this 'free' time on my hands I found I was twiddling my thumbs! The irony that only a few weeks ago I was having a major meltdown sobbing to my husband that what kind of a fool was I trying to take all this on when my plate was already full did not escape me either...

These days though, in my head it's all lighting up nicely. The Craft Hub could well be the start of something good, no great!

Thinking about it I have now realised that I have built up some stock and I'm determined to continue building on that. There are opportunities out there despite difficult economic times. I remain completely blown away by all the talented people and their products I saw that day and realise that by coming together as a group we can access facilities and opportunities that we could not afford as individuals. I really love the idea of a co-operative of creative people - it befits the times.

Whilst I may not necessarily be bathing in the afterglow, I am certainly starting to get a glowing feeling about the future of The Craft Hub - hard work but kind of exciting.

Lucy Robinson

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