Craft Jam Pubnights 2013

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Craft Jam April 2012 - Printmaking with Lisa Purchase

Another fantastic evening of creative fun.  Lisa Purchase, local printmaker in Exeter came to teach.  25 in number, we were kept busy all evening, forming print creations in all sorts of different ways.  I had no idea there was so many different ways to acheive gorgeous prints.  It is such a simple technique with such rich rewards!  We did linoprints with discarded pizza wrap bases,  collagraph printing which involved layering to form a picture for printing and using pieces of embossed wallpaper.  The designs were amazing.  For some, it was the first time ever doing printmaking and for others,  the first time they had done it since Art college.  Everyone, came away with some amazing stuff and with the enthusiasm to try more in the future.  Pictures to follow


  1. hello pipa got ya message .yes to xmas fair. thanks speakie soon to meet.making apron dresses to day. have fun hx

  2. This sounded fun! I didn't realise you have all these craft nights going on, I will have to go to the next one! :)