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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Great Way to Get Noticed with the Magnetic Noticeboard Co

I have found a real treat for handmade enthusiasts,  based right here in sunny Devon is the Magnetic Noticeboard Co .  This cottage industry tucked away in a beautiful rural part of of East Devon, is the brainchild of Penny Silverthorne.  Penny makes everything from scratch, the frames,  the prints even down to the little hand-painted magnets for her pretty and chic boards.  As well as canvas framed boards,  you may also choose to have a board made with your choice of fabrics.  Banish corkboards forever!!

I was lucky enough to visit Penny in her studio,  she has a vast array of kit to help make her boards, and will make bespoke boards for families or children.  They make beautiful gifts and imagine a bespoke personalised board for your wedding day from which to display wedding photos,  gorgeous. Or personalised noticeboards with the names of each of your children to hang in the kitchen with specific to-dos, school letters or pictures.  (No more cluttered fridge doors).  Penny sells her gorgeous wares at 
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Some lovely piccies below.  Now where's my purse!

Pip x

A selection of gorgeous colours and pretty fonts used to create timeless noticeboards for the home

Pretty Union Jack noticeboard,  perfect for bedrooms,  office or, if you are lucky enough to have one, your craft room (oh how I wish, one day........)

Personalised boards for kids or adults alike

Personalised Family Noticeboard

Fabric Boards (double height)

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