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Friday, 27 August 2010

Confessions from a self-confessed creative chaotic...

Well the registration forms are coming in and once again The Craft Hub is gearing itself up for the Autumn fair. We are all so looking forward to the "Falling Leaves" fair on 30th October at St Matthews Hall in Heavitree. Needless to say while the Hubbers are busy getting creative Pip, Ulrike and I are also busy behind the scenes co-ordinating all the stuff that will make the Fair run smoothly on the day. So far it's been real fun. If blog posts start to unravel as we get closer to the end of October you will know that life might might be getting a tad stressful!

I think the best part of being a Craft Hubber is that I can't think of a period previously in my life where I have been so creative and so industrious. Sadly it's becoming a little obsessive - I doubt any of my friends can now remember a time when I haven't been working on some little project while enjoying their company. I had a lovely evening round at Pips last night with Ulrike and managed to crochet my way through some recently purchased and quite delicious Shilasdair wool in varying hues of sage to lime greens. I blame Heavenly Yarns of Fore Street, Exeter who came to the last Cr'After Dark social event and sent me swooning with all their yummy yarns - the Shilasdair was however love at first sight. I guess that's the worst part of being a Craft Hubber - I end up meeting loads of inspiring people with gorgeous products and homemade items to sell and I'm afraid I'm a slave to beautiful things... though let's face it everyone - sometimes it's good to be bad!


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