Craft Jam Pubnights 2013

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Our New Banner

This is our new sign, beautifully photoshopped by Hannah. we spent the larger part of friday afternoon putting it all together, i made the T, the B and the u, Lucy did the r and a in watercolours and the e in applique, The C and t were done by Katie Parr, in gorgeous beading, really sparkles, the patchwork H is hannah's intricate work and the f by Jackie, rather cleverly it is a bag so we can always pop something in it when doing our fairs. Finally the small h was done by Ella and Olivia, Hannah's beautiful little girls 8 and 5 respectively. This is lovely and just adds to the beauty of our sign, thanks to everyone. Big thanks to Hannah for putting up with us wrecking your house and for the glass of wine, it definitely helped the creativity. It is now our new blog banner. I love it xx

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